B2B Marketing: In-House Team vs. Agency – Which is Right for You in 2024?

It is 2024, yet the debate rages on: whether to outsource your marketing or build an in house team.
Now, there are obvious pros and cons to both options.

At its core, one path offers the comfort of institutional knowledge and a steadfast team, while the other promises efficiency, access to niche talent and faster time to market in most cases. If you’re already leaning towards outsourcing, this blog will take you through the key factors to consider before outsourcing. We will also compare the pros and cons of hiring a marketing agency versus building in-house teams.   

Why Hire an Agency in the First Place?  

  • Access to Niche Skill Sets: Marketing Automation, Account-based Marketing, and CRM Consultation are examples of niche skill sets that are expensive and time taking to build in-house. However, agencies have pools of experts readily available, allowing you to tap into this specialised knowledge without the hassle of recruitment and training.
  • Access to Cutting-Edge Technology: You gain access to the latest marketing technologies and tools without the hefty investment required for in-house implementation.
  • Agility and Speed to Market: Agencies are designed to execute specific projects more swiftly and efficiently. This agility is particularly advantageous for small to medium-sized companies that must move fast and capitalise on emerging opportunities. 
  • Global Perspective and Diverse Experience: Access to a diverse pool of talent with varied industry experience and perspectives. This diversity is crucial to developing effective marketing strategies that resonate with different target audiences across various markets.
  • Focus on Core Competencies: If you are a small to medium sized business, you are likely that you  have limited resources, and unlimited ambition.  Outsourcing will help you hand off the marketing reins to a team of experts, freeing you to focus on what you do best – building your core business.

You Have Decided to Outsource: Now What? 

1. Define your goals and needs: Before diving in, take a moment to get crystal clear on your marketing goals. Define your marketing goals (e.g., brand awareness, lead generation) and specific needs (e.g., content creation, account-based marketing, marketing automation). This will help you attract agencies with the right skill sets and ambition. Remember, no agency can replace your deep understanding of your business, so be clear about your vision.

2. Plan it out: Prepare a detailed document outlining your goals, target audience, budget, and timeline. Include specific deliverables and performance metrics for measuring success. This clear picture provides the agency with a roadmap and helps you set realistic benchmarks for tracking progress.

3. Find a growth partner: Don’t solely focus on cost and experience (yes they do matter). Look for an agency who can be your growth partner. When it comes to outsourcing, a key challenge is in finding a partner who understands the bigger business picture. Very often, agencies are so accustomed to ‘project’ based work, that they miss out on truly becoming a partner to your organisation. 

4. Encourage open communication: Establish clear communication channels and set regular meetings with your partner. Maintain transparency by sharing relevant data and market insights.

5. Data security and ownership: Clearly define data ownership and security protocols. Ensure that the agency has robust data security measures in place to protect your customer data. Most companies outline these as part of the legal contracts as well. Ensure that you have it spelt out somewhere.

6. Performance measurement & ROI: Establish clear key performance indicators (KPIs) aligned with your B2B marketing goals. Regularly track campaign performance and hold your outsourced partner accountable for delivering on the results/KPIs agreed.

Outsourced Agency vs In-house Team: A Quick Look 

FactorOutsourced Marketing AgencyIn-House Marketing Team
Time to MarketFaster time to market with access to existing expertiseSlower time to market as you need to recruit, hire, and train
ExpertiseAccess to a wider range of specialised skills (SEO, content marketing)Expertise needs to be developed or hired for
ScalabilityEasy to scale marketing efforts up or down with an agencyScaling an in-house team can be challenging
CostLower upfront cost with flexible engagement models (project-based or retainer)Potentially higher long-term cost with salaries, benefits, and office space
Culture FitMay require effort to ensure agency culture aligns with the startup’sEnsures strong cultural alignment with the startup’s values
ControlLower control, but agency provides recommendations and expertiseHigh control over brand voice, messaging, and campaign execution
InnovationAgencies can bring fresh perspectives, competitive insights, and expose the startup to the latest trendsMay require more effort to stay on top of marketing trends
FocusFrees up startup resources to focus on product development and core business functionsStartup can focus on both marketing and core business functions
Access to Cutting-edge Technology & ExpertiseRequires investment in marketing technologies and skilled personnel to utilize them effectivelyYou get access to the latest marketing tools and technologies, along with skilled professionals who can leverage them for optimal results, at a lower overall cost
Outsourced agency vs in-house team: A comparative look

Final Remarks

Build vs buy is an age-old debate; choosing one over the other depends heavily on the context, maturity, and capacity of an organisation. I would say, outsourcing specialised and niche skill sets like Account Based Marketing or Marketing Operations will definitely act as a force multiplier to organisations and help level up their overall demand gen activities.”

-Aravind, Co-founder, Savittr

In-house or agency, you need an agile marketing team that can adapt and thrive in a dynamic environment, giving you the edge to outrun the competition.

At Savittr, we understand the unique challenges and opportunities faced by young B2B companies. With our agile approach and a culture of continuous experimentation, we’re constantly testing and refining tactics to maximise your B2B marketing ROI.

Learn more: savittr.com

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