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Savittr is a full-funnel digital growth agency for B2B tech.


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A well-oiled Marketing Ops engine can be a critical growth lever.

With expertise in all leading Marketing Automation and CRM platforms including Hubspot, Marketo, Salesforce and Zoho, we’ll help develop and implement your marketing technology strategy to power your business goals.

We have worked with companies like Futurice, Softwire, Buurst, Ori Industries to level up their Marketing Ops game.

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We do not beat around the bush. The end result with Savittr is that you land/expand/close your key accounts. We care only about opportunities & closed revenue and hence our key KPI is number of Sales Qualified Leads. Our contract also talk about X number of Sales Qualified Leads in Y months, that we agree based on the current maturity level of the organisation. In the process we touch upon other leading indicators like CAC, MQLs, speed and efficiency across the board and sales-marketing alignment.

At Savittr we do a customised plan to suit our clients requirements. But below are high level some of key elements in our ABX offering

  • Growth canvas and marketing plan
  • Account selection and account profiling
  • Market research and competition analysis for key focus accounts
  • Content strategy and content production (if needed)
  • LinkedIn paid campaigns
  • Email nurture campaigns
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Martech set up to align with the ABX campaigns
  • Sales process alignment
  • UX and CRO advisory
  • Funnel reporting – native CRM | Looker Studio

It is difficult to say because it depends on the individual context and marketing maturity of our clients at the signing up. For example campaigns can kick-start faster if there is an existing content repository. Whereas it might take more time during the initial stage if content has to be produced or do more than 80% tweak to the existing content. While it depends on the context of each organisation, the fastest that our clients started seeing tangible results are from month 4 onwards.

We do not believe in the typical agency lock-in periods. But at the same time as part of ABX, we do a bunch of varied activities that needs a reasonable period of time to show full impact and hence we ask for a minimum of 5 months during the initial part of the engagement.

Yes, all our clients have an option to cancel the engagement by giving 30 days notice if they are not satisfied with the work. And this is applicable even within the minimum period of 5 months. We are that confident in our work 🙂

Savittr charges a fixed monthly retainer of 10000 USD/GBP. A typical engagement will include a senior growth marketer, a junior digital marketer, a PPC specialist, a SEO expert, a content writer (if needed) and a graphic designer (if needed). In addition, we bring in a CMO Advisor during the initial ABX strategy discussions, especially during the Growth Canvas exercise.

Let’s hear what our
clients have to say.

Let’s hear what our clients have to say.

Book a consultation with our experts !

Book a consultation with our experts !

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