The Savittr Story

Did the world really need another digital marketing agency? Yeah, we thought that too.
But then, we remembered all those times from our corporate careers, when agencies we had worked with were either too rigid or only too eager to throw a standard playbook at us, expecting us to conform to that. While we were left wondering, “Shouldn’t it actually be the other way around?”
So we decided to take a crack at this space and see what we can achieve. It’s been a little over a year now and we seem to have had the right idea.
Savittr* was born out of the desire to challenge the status quo of the Marketing world. To make Marketing more impactful by driving revenue and growth. To go beyond clicks and likes! And we didn’t start off as a PR agency that is trying to become “digital” either. We were born digital. Indian roots, global experiences.

While most organizations focus on building disruptive products and services by leveraging the best technologies, their Marketing efforts remain out-dated, and irrelevant in the current market. And the highly fragmented approach followed by agencies through piecemeal solutions of SEO/SEM and Social Media Marketing fails to deliver real results. Marketing as a function, therefore, has often been dealt with uncertainty and restrained enthusiasm.

Many marketers are still running around in circles trying to track a whole bunch of sophisticated, vanity metrics that no one outside the marketing team really cares about, that does absolutely no justice to the full potential of digital marketing! No wonder Marketing struggles to find a seat at the table and be recognized as a growth driver.

With the right mix of technology, frameworks, tools and data, Marketing can provide measurable benefits, open up new opportunities and help steer organizations in the right direction. Not just vanity metrics, but actionable insights and validated roadmap to meeting your business goals.

Savittr was launched with a simple mission – to help businesses unearth the full potential of digital marketing and ultimately drive real, quantifiable business results.

Today’s marketing teams need a mix of creativity and technology to thrive. Balancing branding and communications from a traditional marketing setup, with equally creative, skill-based martech teams that kickass at automation and data analytics is key.

And we, at Savittr, can bring that to you. We believe:

      1. In a bespoke approach - because every situation is unique      2. In a truly collaborative and agile way of working      3. In a culture of experimentation and hacking      4. That results do the talking      5. That perfect is the enemy of good

* Savittr, in Sanskrit, signifies the power and radiance of the Sun and true to our name we’re here to shine light and lead you on a path of growth and progress. We help companies grow via digital marketing – no fluff. #NotJustAnotherDigitalMarketingAgency

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