Marketing as a Service: Why it Might Be the Best Fit for Your Organisation

Navigating B2B marketing isn’t easy. Measurement methods are evolving.
Budgets are on the decline. Finding the right talent is hard. The list goes on.

Any marketing leader will attest to the sheer amount of pressure to do more with less. For B2B businesses at this crossroads, Marketing-as-a-Service (MaaS) offers solutions to these challenges.

B2B Marketing: What’s Changed?  

The B2B marketing landscape has seen a dramatic shift in recent years. While digital-first marketing and sales is the norm now, most businesses still work with legacy systems and approaches. Most B2B teams lack the time, resources, skill sets and expertise to adapt to the evolving market demands.

Here’s a breakdown of the key challenges:

  • Digital Disconnect: B2Bs are increasingly reliant on digital channels, but many lack the infrastructure and specialised expertise to manage it effectively.
  • Data Blindspot: Companies often lack a 360° view of data flowing through the sales funnel, hindering marketing optimization. 
  • Shifting Focus: Customers are more self-serving than ever before, calling for non-traditional demand-gen approaches. 

Add to that the pressure to show ROI faster: businesses are now operating with fewer budgets in a prolonged period of uncertainty, yet the demand for faster, more scalable results is higher than ever.

What is Marketing-as-a-Service Anyway?

An agile solution that supports your marketing functions by delivering on-demand, value-based marketing services from strategy to execution. The concept is simple: MAAS providers or consultants meet you where you’re falling short.

Picture this: you have a dedicated marketing team at your disposal, but without the burden of recruitment, training, or managing in-house staff. That’s the magic of Marketing-as-a-Service (MaaS).

Here’s how MaaS works:

  • Needs assessment: MaaS providers start by getting to know your business, target audience, and marketing goals. They identify areas where you’re excelling and pinpoint gaps hindering your growth.
  • Tailored strategy: Based on the needs assessment, they develop an agile, tailor-made marketing strategy, aligning with your business objectives.
  • On-demand expertise: MaaS providers have a team of marketing specialists on board, including ABM experts, CRM specialists, and more.You get access to this expertise without having to manage individual employees.
  • Execution and optimization: MaaS providers handle the day-to-day execution of your marketing campaigns, monitoring results and making data-driven optimizations to improve performance.

But wait, how is it different from a marketing agency? 

Agencies and MAAS providers offer many of the same benefits.
They are essentially two similar options but with some key differences.

Flexible contracts: Agencies usually offer hourly rates or project-based pricing, and often lock you in for a set period, typically quarterly or retainer-based. MaaS shines with its flexibility. It’s typically subscription based, often tiered based on usage and requirements. (Think: beginner, medium, expert.) This allows you to tweak your service level up or down depending on your current marketing needs.

Pay only for on-demand services:  While agencies can tailor their services to your specific needs, you might end up paying for services you don’t actually require if you’re locked into a retainer agreement. With MAAS, you can choose specific services you need, like Account-Based Marketing (ABM) and avoid paying for services you don’t utilise at that moment. This allows for a more cost-effective approach for specific campaign needs.

Access to higher-quality tech stack: Agencies generally have a solid tech stack encompassing a variety of marketing tools. However, the breadth of services offered can sometimes lead to gaps in specific areas, especially for highly specialised marketing needs. 
MaaS is known for their cutting-edge tech stack focused on automating tasks and streamlining workflows within their specific service area.

Why Consider MAAS providers?

– Focus on what matters: It’s critical to balance time between tactical and strategic efforts. Let MaaS handle the day-to-day marketing grind while you free yourself for strategic thinking and high-level problem-solving.

Expertise on-demand: You have access to a diverse pool of marketing specialists, exactly when you need them. You get the best talent without the full-time cost.

Speed & savings: In-house marketing teams take months to grow and give you results. MaaS gets you to market faster and delivers results sooner, all at a fraction of the traditional cost. This is especially valuable while you are under pressure to do more with less. 

Post-pandemic power-up: MAAS can help you gain quick momentum and sustain it. Especially if you are struggling to adapt to the new age of B2B marketing.

What Kind of Organisations Benefit from MAAS?  

1. Budget-Conscious Businesses: MaaS is a perfect fit for organisations with limited marketing budgets. The subscription model lets you scale your marketing efforts up or down based on your needs, maximising the return on every marketing dollar spent. No more getting locked into expensive agency retainers.

2. Up-and-coming startups: As a startup, your resources are precious. MaaS lets you hit the ground running by providing instant access to seasoned marketing specialists, while you focus on developing your core competencies.

3. Organisations Seeking a Marketing Makeover: Maybe your past marketing efforts fell flat. It could be a lack of specialised skill sets, lack of training, or simply the evolving landscape. MAAS experts can identify skills gaps in your previous approach and develop data-driven strategies to maximise your ROI.

4. Marketing Newbies: It is tough to build a team or even work with an agency, if you are unsure about your marketing goals. MAAS can help you start from the ground up and give you a solid sense of direction. Think of MaaS as your marketing mentor, guiding you every step of the way.

Parting Thoughts

Thriving in the B2B landscape has never been tougher. But the current climate also presents an unprecedented opportunity to shine through these challenges.

MaaS offers a refreshing alternative to traditional approaches, providing access to top talent, cutting-edge technology, and a laser focus on results. Whether you’re a startup or a seasoned organisation needing a refresh, MaaS helps you do more with less. 

At Savittr, we understand the challenges you face, whether it’s a lack of technical expertise, limited bandwidth, or operational inefficiencies. No matter where you are in your growth stage, we offer marketing plans tailored to your specific needs.

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